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Dispute Resolution Services

As many companies have realized, the smart way to resolve business disputes is through Alternative Dispute Resolution rather than litigation.  ADR promotes quick and amicable dispute resolution, thereby enabling businesses to preserve important relationships, save money, protect their confidential information and refocus on their core business.  ACCORD offers exceptional alternative dispute resolution services, including:

  • Facilitating the development of an appropriate dispute resolution system to resolve disputes early and amicably;
  • Providing neutral mediators and arbitrators to resolve complex disputes; and
  • Counseling companies in determining which ADR mechanism to use, drafting ADR provisions, preparing for mediation or arbitration and structuring the process to best meet their needs.

ACCORD specializes in the resolution of commercial disputes, including but not limited to the following:

  • Contractual issues
  • Conflicts among principals or officers
  • Technology disputes
  • Employer/employee disputes
  • Franchise disputes
  • Strategic alliances, joint ventures and buy-out disputes
  • Financial service disputes
  • Attorney/client and accountant/client fee and malpractice disputes

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