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Presentations: (offered through an affiliated entity, Advanced Business Law Resources,

ADR Provisions in IP Transactions, Philadelphia Bar Association, 2/11

Drafting ADR Provisions, Bucks County Bar Association, 11/10

Negotiating With Confidence, Philadelphia Bar Association, 10/10; Chester County Bar Association, 4/10, NAWBO, 4/05, Eastern Tech Council, 10/04, 

ADR Survey, Chester County Bar Association, 4/10

Succession Planning, The Alternative Board, 7/10

The World of Alliances: Partnering Successfully, NAWBO Philadelphia, 4/10

Building Successful Partnerships, NAWBO Philadelphia Regional Conference, 3/03; 4/04

Leading Effective Meetings, NAWBO Philadelphia Regional Conference, 3/03, Society of Cable Television Engineers Regional Conference, 3/02




Smart Companies Use Conflict Management Programs (02/11) (through ABLR)

How much are disputes costing your company?  In the business world, the number and severity of disputes that companies are encountering have been increasing.  Smart companies are implementing systems to reduce the ...

Avoiding Business Disputes (02/00)
The best way to resolve a dispute is to prevent it from occurring in the first place ...

Stepping into the Fray: Mediating Client Disputes (11/00)
There are certain inherent risks for accountants if they put themselves in the middle of client disputes, even when they know their clients very well ...

Prevention of Workplace Conflict: Some Tools and Techniques (06/01)
Conflicts are inevitable in the business world. If not handled properly, conflicts can be very expensive for the business ...

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